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As a photographer I understand the power of a single photo.  If you’re not thinking about what photos you put on your website or you feel it’s just not that important then I’m here to tell you your Digital Images play an important rules in the success of your business.

Being authentic is the heart beat of building a powerful brand.  It’s where purpose, integrity, and passion are born. It sets the stage for honest and heartfelt storytelling.

Everyone has heard a photo is worth a thousand words but more than a thousand words a powerful photo can literally move you to tears or bring a smile ear to ear.

This got me thinking and I had to start exploring why photography had moved me so deeply.  It all started when a very close friend of mine passed away from cancer.  One of the ways I processed through the grief was to use photography to work through my sadness. Using photography as therapy.  This experience forever changed me.

So if photography has the power to move each and everyone of us in such a deep way than why not put this medium to work to transform our business.  We all know a photo can move us to make a decision to either like something or become disgusted by it.

I wanted to give you a few examples of photos that have moved me, photos that have inspired me and photos that have forever changed the way I look at the world.

I’m going to start off with a photo that remind of of being a child. The excitement of getting to ride on a ferris wheel.  If I was trying to connect with my customers wouldn’t it be smart to have photos that tell the story of my business in the same way? I think so.


I think we all want to connect with our customers.  We want to make them feel at home.  I’m the kinda guy that wants to feel like I’ve just walked into a familiar place when I go into a business either off line or online.  I need to feel like I can trust the person I might be buying from.


If my purpose is to create a brand for my business that projects strength and hope than this photo does just that for me.  Like father like sons! I know there are many fathers and mothers that would do anything for there children no matter what and isn’t that the same purpose when your building a relationship with a new customer.  We’ve heard it time and time again its easy to get someone to buy from you once but to have them as a loyal customer takes caring and working on keeping that relationship healthy.


Now once we have worked long hours building our dream its just as important to take the time to enjoy the sand under our feet.  Once again the power of an image that reminds us to take the time to be free for a day.

The digital image that embodies our brand… isn’t that what we are growing towards or if you have found that balance in your business already than keeping it is just as important.



Nothing comes easy there are no short cuts.  We must dig deep to always keeping our eye on the ball.  We spend time and money to get people to visit our site so why not create a visually inspiring experience for them.  We know the longer someone is on our site the chance of them asking for more information is greater.


The power of the digital image we use to connect with our customers will enhance and grow our business. Great design and branding comes from an endless passion for the creative journey.  You need to discover your authenticity, and leverage it to create your digital brand that tells your story that is irresistibly compelling.

I hope this gives you some food for thought.

Thank you for you’re time and reading my blog post.  If you would like to take about how I can help to bring the power of the digital story to bring new life into your business just send me a message and I’d be glad to talk.



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