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Opt-In Page Tips for Maximum Sign-Ups A great opt-in page can generate opt-ins as high as 30% of the time. However, a poor opt-in page can generate opt-ins less than 10% of the time – sometimes even no opt-ins at all.

What makes a good opt-in page? How can you ensure that people will opt in when they come to your page? Here are a few tips.

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Make the Benefit 100% Clear

The split second someone lands on your page, they should know what’s there for them.

If your site is going to cure them of acne, they need to know that right away. If it’s going to improve their dating lives, say so in big bold text.

Whatever your site is designed to do, whatever benefit it brings to the user, needs to be loudly and proudly displayed.

Many web owners make the mistake of not clearly stating their benefit to the user. Users sometimes have to read the body text before knowing what’s in it for them. Instead, the main benefit should always be in the headline or the main picture above the fold.

What They’ll Get for the Opt-In

What will they get when they opt in? This needs to be detailed with enthusiasm in the body text.

For example, perhaps they’ll receive a free report about something related to your topic. Or they’ll get instant access to an audio interview. Perhaps you’ll reveal a tactic that you’ve briefly described in the past.

Whatever the case, make sure users know exactly what they’ll get the moment they type in their email.

Test, Test, Test

Test a wide array of different layouts and sales pitches for your opt-in page.

Start by testing very different websites. Completely different landing pages. Find the one that works the best out of several very different looks and angles.

Then work to narrow the best of the best down. Split test specific words in the headline, images, privacy policy disclosures and more. Just about everything on the page needs to be tested.

A Word about Traffic

Often times the conversion rate you get on the opt-in page is more a result of your traffic source than the opt-in page. For example, you may very well get an opt-in rate of 30% on affiliate traffic while getting less than 5% on AdWords traffic.

It’s crucial that you track each traffic source separately to accurately measure your opt-in page’s results. Otherwise a surge in one traffic source could completely skew your data.

If you really make sure users know what they’ll get by coming to your site, create a compelling “hook” product for them to get by opting in and split test meticulously, your conversion rate will keep on increasing week in and week out.

I hope this helps! I wanted to talk about opt-in pages because I have been finding results with my blog and as always I want to share what is working for me.

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