Steve Aoki – Aoki’s World Episode #001

Steve Aoki – Aoki’s World

I wanted to share with you a guy that is is an American electro house musician, record producer, and music executive.  Pollstar designated Aoki as the highest grossing dance artist in North America from tours! I’m always looking for people that are on the cutting edge and making a massive difference in the world thru music and Steve Aoki is one of them!

“His past philanthropic efforts have earned him accolades within the music and nonprofit communities including being a 2015 honoree of Music for Relief, the nonprofit humanitarian aid organization founded by Linkin Park, as well as being honored by MTV Latin America with its Chiuka Award, which recognizes celebrities who use their influence to contribute and develop special projects that bring about social change in the world.”

What Does this have to do with Affiliate Marketing you may ask? Everything! To be fully engaged in life we must reach out and find those that inspire us, those that challenge us to dig deep to understand what is in our way from becoming the absolute best we can be as human beings!

Never ever, ever, ever give up on your dream whatever that may be! Find your own personal creative spirit and live it, breathe it and just BE it!

God speed….enjoy!



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