5 Tips To Convert More Visitors Into Subscribers









Day in day out customers are introduced to new products and are induced in all ways possible to buy them. This has made some of them to even abandon their previous products and services. This therefore calls for marketers to be more vigilant especially the internet marketers.

This needs them to be well equipped with basic business blogging techniques that will convert their visitors into potential and dedicated subscribers. They should not only convert them to subscribers but extend to impacting and leveraging them to attract other audience to the site. The big question now that you have traffic of bloggers coming to your site is how to make them stick and become avid readers of your content.

The following are some tips that will help you maintain them and convert them into dedicated subscribers of your content.


1. Consider blogging frequently

You cannot expect your clients to come back if you blog once in a blue moon. They are waiting for you to publish something new for them and you need to be committed to publish for them new ideas and products. Research shows that frequent bloggers have the largest number of subscribers than those who blog once in a month. It is also important to keep in mind that the content you are blogging needs to be high quality.


 2. Blog subscription is crucial

You can give your clients an easy way that they can subscribe to your content especially the email subscription. This will boost the traffic to your site. You can also make RSS subscription available to them. One way of encouraging subscription is by the use of a social proof as this will ensure that they are among many other peers. You can also think of use of free offers such as free e-books.

3. Use call to action to promote blog subscription

You can create CTAs (Call To Action) and place them in each of the articles you publish. You can use a conversion of low commitment in some of your web pages. Use of smart CTAs will enable you to determine which CTAs will automatically get shown to your clients

4. Prepare a good blog subscription landing page

After the creation of the CTAs, there is need to have something that will direct your clients to the right place. Use headers and sub-headers that will capture all the attention of your clients and summarize what they can really benefit from subscribing to your products. You can incorporate the social proof to help you increase the levels of subscribers.

5. Incorporate email marketing

This will serve as an alternative way of promoting blog subscription process. There are two ways of doing this and they include Lead Nurturing Workflows and Dedicated Send. In a dedicated send, you format the language and message you are ending to the specific kind of people. Lead nurturing will require you to have proper hit blog publications that will target a specific group in a certain segment.


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