Is Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack 2.0 An Honest Proven Money Making System?


Today, I’ll be giving you my honest review of AffiloJetpack 2.0, the easiest way to make affiliate websites. Before I tell you about it’s features though, I just want to share the story of Mark Ling, the creator, and talk about what inspired him to make it and launch his new version.

***From Zero, to Hero… Then Back to Zero Again***

Mark Ling began affiliate marketing in college. In less than a year, he was making $3,000 per week. You would think this would be the ultimate, wouldn’t you? So did he, until his friend convinced him to add an auto-subscriber newsletter series to his websites. It was a lot of work, and cost him thousands of dollars — but it worked, and his income soared.

But then he had a huge crash: His websites got slapped by Google, and his income took a dive.

***His Climb Back to Hero Again***

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Opt-In Page Tips for Maximum Sign-Ups








Opt-In Page Tips for Maximum Sign-Ups A great opt-in page can generate opt-ins as high as 30% of the time. However, a poor opt-in page can generate opt-ins less than 10% of the time – sometimes even no opt-ins at all.

What makes a good opt-in page? How can you ensure that people will opt in when they come to your page? Here are a few tips.

Click on the button for an example of one of my opt-in forms on my blog.

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The Art of Using Email to Sell









Selling by email is different than selling on a sales page. Sales letters have to work under the impression that they have just one shot to make a sale and have to hammer in all the benefits and go for an instant close. Email on the other hand has the benefit of a relationship and ongoing contact.

Here are a few choice tips on how to use email to sell effectively.

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Creating an Attractive “Hook” for You’re Email










Having a great hook plays two crucial roles for an email: first, it gives people a compelling reason to sign up. Second, it creates a strong impression that you have stellar content when they actually read or view your free content. In other words, it’ll increase your long-term readership and conversion rates.  So what is a good hook and how do you come up with one for your market?

What Is a Good Hook?

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