Top 6 Ways To Build Your List For Big Profits

list-building-aweber Everyone,  or  at  least  every  one  among  us,  knows  just  how  important  it  is  to   build  a  list  of  e-­‐mail  addresses  for  a  good  Internet  marketing.    Now,  many   budding  Internet  marketers  today  make  the  wasteful  mistake  of  overlooking   their  single  most  powerful  tool   –  the  list  of  e -­‐mail  addresses  they  have   compiled. Think  about  it.    You  already  have  the  e-­‐mail  addresses  of  the  people  who  may   be  interested  in  what  you  have  to  offer.    So  why  not  sell  them  related  stuff  via   those  e-­‐mail  addresses?    They  gave  you  the  consent  to  use  them  for   communication,  after  all.    Of  course,  you  should  know  your  limitations  too,  but   that’s  another  discussion  altogether.     Of  course,  you  don’t  just  come  up  with  a  list  of  e-­‐mail  addresses. It  takes  time   and  the  consent  of  the  people.    That  is  where  this  book  comes  in.    You  are   holding,  in  a  manner  of  speaking,  the  guidebook  to  a  better  Internet  marketing   business.    This  will  help  you  build  your  list  via  various  techniques,  detailed   across  77  tips.     Well  then,  now  we  can  get  started.    A  lot  of  these  techniques  are  what  you   might  think  of  as  different  tools  in  the  Internet  marketing  toolbox,  but   remember  that  the  tool  is  much  more  effective  if  used  in  a  certain  manner.     Without  further  ado,  let’s  kick  off  with  tip  number  1.

Tip  Number  1:  Blogging  is  king.

More  precisely,  regular  blog  posting  is  king. Starting  a  blog  of  your  own  can  be  easy  or  difficult,  depending  on  how  you  go   about  it.    The  hard  way  would  be  to  start  one  from  scratch  using  good  old  web   page  coding  –  which  is  more  trouble  than  it  is  worth  really. The  easy  way  is  to   use  some  sort  of  automation  in  the  set-­‐up.    WordPress  is  one  such  tool  of   choice.    It  works  on  plug-­‐ins  and  templates,  so  you  can  create  a  customized   look  without  the  problems  that  go  with  all  the  coding  that  you  would  need   otherwise.     If  you  can  post  a  blog  entry  once  a  day,  then  you  are  doing  well  enough.    That   means  that  you  will  be  generating  leads  and  adding  to  your  list  every  day.

Tip  Number  2:  Stay  Relevant.

Whether  you  are  posting  blog  entries  or  sending  e-­‐mails  to  the  addresses  on   your  list,  you  need  to  stay  on  topic  –  that  is,  maintain  focus  on  the  very  thing   that  got  people  interested  in  you  in  the  first  place.     When  you  stray  too  far  from  the  topic  of  interest,  people  will  start  skipping   over  what  you  send  them.    Later  on,  they  will  start  marking  your  messages  as   spam,  and  you  can  kiss  their  patronage  goodbye.    It’s  okay  to  make  a  few  side   mentions,  but  overall  you  need  to  stay  on  track.     If  you  do  mention  something  on  the  side,  make  sure  that  it  is  easily  skippable   without  destroying  the  essence  of  the  whole.    Using  proper  paragraphing  can   achieve  this  effect.    Additionally,  inserting  these  extra  bits  in  footer  sections   can  work  too.

Tip  Number  3:  Make  a  proper  squeeze  page.

A  squeeze  page  is  a  simple  straightforward  web  page  built  with  the  intention   of  getting  the  visitors  to  give  you  their  e-­‐mail  addresses  (an  action  known  as   “opt-­‐in”). Remember  that  the  squeeze  page  is  not  a  page  for  selling  your  products.    What   a  squeeze  page  does  is  “squeezing”  the  e-­‐mail  addresses,  and  not  money,  out   of  visitors.    Therefore,  you  can  save  the  actual  links  to  sales  and  purchases  for   later.    All  you  need  to  put  into  a  squeeze  page  is  the  premise  of  your  service,   and  a  little  bit  of  pre-­‐selling.    Think  of  it  as  posting  the  headlines  and  first  few   lines  of  the  newspaper.

Tip  Number  4:  Skip  the  video  on  squeeze  pages,  or  people  will   skip  over  you. (Just My Experience)

Why  is  this  so,  you  ask?    Isn’t  video  a  good  way  of  generating  leads  and   convincing  visitors?    Well,  yes,  but  think  about  where  you  put  it!     The  fact  is  that  most  people  who  visit  your  squeeze  page  and  opt-­‐in  are  the   impulsive  type.    That  also  means  that  they  are  not  exactly  patient. Even  with   high-­‐speed  broadband  that  is  available  nowadays,  people  still  do  not  like   waiting  for  anything  to  load  if  they  are  not  sure  they  want  it.     By  keeping  your  squeeze  pages  free  of  videos,  you  will  allow  it  to  load  quickly   and  cleanly.    Your  visitors  can  get  to  read  the  salient  points  right  away,  and   they  will  opt  in  while  their  attentions  are  aflame.

Tip  Number  5:  No  heavyweight  effects  on  your  squeeze  page

In  addition  to  keeping  videos  away  from  your  squeeze  page,  you  should  also   avoid  media  that  consume  high  bandwidths.    Sounds  and  music  are  definitely   out,  since  they  will  hold  up  the  loading  process.    Make  sure  to  trim  and  compress  images  that  you  use  on  your  page.    Don’t  bother  with  flashy  Flash   effects. In  any  case,  smarter  users  do  block  media  from  untrusted  sources,  so  your   special  effects  are  simply  left  out.    As  such,  you  should  just  stick  to  text  and   graphics,  so  you  do  not  lose  any  impact.

Tip  Number  6:  Use  video  in  your  posts!

YouTube  has  made  publishing  videos  of  yourself  a  breeze,  and  it  is  free.    This   means  you  can  get  a  stronger  connection  with  your  audience  without  paying   an  additional  cent! Adding  videos  to  blog  posts  makes  them  more  capable  of  making  an  impact,   especially  if  you  have  some  good  looks.    Some  people  prefer  to  read,  others   like  to  watch  and  listen.    By  including  a  video  in  your  well-­‐written  blog  posts,   you  can  generate  leads  from  several  types  of  people.    Make  sure  to  make   yourself  presentable  before  going  on-­‐cam.  

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